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Custom Shoulder Supports

Custom Shoulder Supports

MaxSportsPro Shoulder Supports: Elevate Performance and Safeguard Your Joints with High-Quality Gear

MaxSportsPro's Shoulder Supports: Unleash Your Athletic Potential. Specially designed for dedicated athletes, our shoulder supports deliver targeted stabilization, stress reduction during movement, and proactive injury prevention. With advanced technology and innovative design, our shoulder supports ensure a secure and comfortable fit, offering exceptional protection. Empower yourself to push boundaries, embrace the thrill of sports, and maximize your performance with MaxSportsPro Shoulder Supports.
MaxSportsPro Shoulder Supports: Elevate Performance and Safeguard Your Joints with High-Quality Gear

What Are the Features of Shoulder Supports?

Lumbar Pad

Lumbar Pad

The shoulder support's lumbar pad offers targeted relief for lower back comfort and stability during extended activities.
Support Bar

Support Bar

Crucial for structural integrity, the support bar in the shoulder support provides stability and pressure distribution, ensuring robust support during recovery or physical activities.


The shoulder support incorporates moisture-wicking technology for a comfortable, dry experience, particularly beneficial during intense activities.
Widen Velcro

Widen Velcro

Featuring widened Velcro, the shoulder support ensures a secure, adjustable fit for customizable support during various activities.

MaxSportsPro Shoulder Brace Applications

Versatile Shoulder Supports for Any Sport. Our supports are designed to excel in basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, cycling, weightlifting, and more.
Custom Shoulder Supports-High-Impact Sports

Injury Rehabilitation

Shoulder supports aid recovery after injuries or surgeries by providing stability, limiting movement, and supporting rehabilitation exercises recommended by physical therapists.
Custom Shoulder Supports-Outdoor Activities

Sports and Athletics

Athletes, including weightlifters and those in sports with repetitive shoulder movements, use shoulder supports to prevent injuries during training and promote overall shoulder health.
Custom Shoulder Supports-Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Office Ergonomics

In office settings, discreet shoulder supports promote proper posture, reducing muscle fatigue for individuals spending long hours at a desk, enhancing comfort, and productivity.

MaxSportsPro Custom Shoulder Brace

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Custom Shoulder Brace Cooperation Models


MaxSportsPro's design department will customize unique sports protective gears for your brand.

Professional customization capabilities: Provide customization of size, color, accessories, packaging, and materials of knee pads.
Provide small batch customization services: If you need small-scale production or rapid debugging of new products, we can provide small batch customization services to help your brand get the shoulder supports you need in a short time.

RTS Service

RTS products that we have already produced and have in stock, they can be delivered in 3days after payment.

RTS Sample:

The free sample is the product we have in stock, which is free and ready to ship, you only need to pay freight.

Custom Sample:

The custom sample is customized according to the requirements of your logo, design and size.
The production time is 3-5 days, we charge a custom sample fee of $19.9 for this.

MaxSportsPro Shoulder Support Instructions

Custom Shoulder Supports-Size

Customized Shoulder Brace Size

Measure chest circumference to select the appropriate knee guard size from our size chart.
Knee height
Can be csutomized as your requirements.

How to Put on the Shoulder Support

Unfasten the straps of the Shoulder Support and wrap it securely around your shoulder joint. Adjust the closures to achieve a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring it does not impede your movement or restrict circulation. Take care to position the support properly to provide optimal support and stability for your shoulder during activities.
Custom Shoulder Supports-How to Put on
Custom Shoulder Supports-Usage Frequency

Use Scenarios for Shoulder Brace

We highly recommend wearing our Shoulder Support during sports sessions or workouts to maximize shoulder protection. Whether you're engaged in intense sports activities, weightlifting, or any physical exercise that involves your shoulders, our support can provide the necessary stability and injury prevention. For personalized advice on the ideal usage of the Shoulder Support, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional who can offer tailored recommendations based on your specific needs.

Our shoulder brace combine top-quality protection, enhanced performance, and superior comfort.

Crafted with athletes and sports enthusiasts in mind, our Shoulder Support is specifically designed to deliver dependable support in various scenarios, ranging from high-impact sports to outdoor activities. Embrace the opportunity to offer our superior shoulder protection and cater to the needs of your customers in the European and American online retail markets. Reach out to us today to explore partnership opportunities and uncover why our Shoulder Support stands as the ultimate choice for athletes seeking peak performance and reliable joint protection.

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