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Custom Waist & Back Supports

Custom Waist & Back Supports

MaxSportsPro Back Support is Tailor-made for Passionate Athletes.

Whether weightlifting, bending down, or sitting and standing for a long time, our back supports stabilize your spine, reduce stress during exercise, and actively prevent injury. With advanced technology and innovative design, our back braces ensure a snug fit and superior support so you can confidently push your limits and relish the joy of sports. 
MaxSportsPro Back Support is Tailor-made for Passionate Athletes.

What Are the Features of Waist & Back Supports?

Steel Plate Support Strip

Steel Plate Support Strip

Fits the lumbar spine and is suitable for people with waist injuries. Stabilize the lumbar spine. Strongly supports the waist and protects sports health.
Enlarge Widen Velcro

Enlarge Widen Velcro

Better support for waist. Can be adjusted to a comfortable position. Freely adjust the tightness for a comfortable fit and smooth movement.
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable lumbar pad. Fits the shape of your waist. Fill the gap in the lower back. Does not hinder the exertion of force during sports.
Breathable Fabric

Breathable Fabric

High-quality breathable fabric and perforated design have superior permeability, breathable and sweat-wicking, allowing the body to breathe freely!

MaxSportsPro Waist & Back Support Applications

Custom Waist & Back Supports-Sitting For A Long Time

Sitting For A Long Time

The pressure and burden on the waist caused by prolonged sitting and standing may lead to various health problems, such as low back pain, muscle discomfort, etc.
Custom Waist & Back Supports-Waist Injury

Waist Injury

Waist injuries are a common health problem. People with waist injuries should pay attention to getting good waist support and avoid maintaining inappropriate postures for long periods of time.
Custom Waist & Back Supports-Daily Protection

Daily Protection

Improper exercise habits can lead to lower back pain and injury. Pay attention to proper posture and technique, especially when lifting or bending, and make sure your lower back is properly supported.

MaxSportsPro Custom Waist & Back Support

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MaxSportsPro Back Brace Cooperation Models


MaxSportsPro has professional designers to provide you with suggestions to meet your needs for product uniqueness and create customized sports protective gear products for your brand.

Professional customization capabilities: Provide customization of size, color, ccessories, packaging, and materials of knee pads.
Provide small batch customization services: If you need small-scale production or rapid debugging of new products, we can provide small batch customization services to help you get the knee pads you need in a short time.

RTS Service

RTS products products that we have already produced and have in stock, they can be delivered in 3days after payment.

RTS Sample:

The free sample is the product we have in stock, which is free and ready to ship, you only need to pay freight. 

Custom Sample:

The custom sample is customized according to the requirements of your logo, design and size. The production time is 3-5 days, we charge a custom sample fee of $19.9 for this.

Custom Waist Back Support Instructions

Custom Waist & Back Supports-Size

Customized Back Brace Size

Measure waist circumference to select the appropriate knee guard size from our size chart.

Can be csutomized as your requirements.

How to Put on the Back Support

Open the back support, put on the straps, then wrap the back support securely around waist. Adjust the waist Velcro, let it fits comfortably around waist, making sure it doesn't restrict movement or blood circulation.
Custom Waist & Back Supports-How to Put on
Custom Waist & Back Supports-Usage Frequency

Use Scenarios for Back Support

We recommend wearing our back support during every sports session or workout for maximum protection. It is also advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance. It can also relieve hunchback as posture corrector.

Our back support offer superior spinal support, high-quality protection and unparalleled comfort, giving you the perfect winning combination. 

Designed for all types of people, whether a professional athlete or an office worker, our products can provide reliable back support in a variety of scenarios. Whether it's for long periods of sitting at work or seeking spinal health in daily life, our high-quality back support products can meet your needs. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and see for yourself why our back supports are the choice for those looking for optimal posture and spine protection.

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